Tomas Kramaric Backend Developer
Tomas Kramaric




Slovak: 10 from 10 points
English: 9 from 10 points

Operating systems

Linux 9 from 10 points
Windows 9 from 10 points

Programming languages (highlights)

Java SE 9 from 10 points
Java EE 8 from 10 points
Java RCP 3.x 9 from 10 points
Java Android 7 from 10 points
Regex 8 from 10 points

Programming languages

HTML 5 from 10 points
XML 5 from 10 points
CSS 2 from 10 points
JavaScript 3 from 10 points
C 5 from 10 points
C# 5 from 10 points
Bash script 5 from 10 points

Desktop Gui development

Java SE - SWT 9 from 10 points
Java RCP - SWT/JFace/RCP 9 from 10 points

Other technologies

RESTful Web Services 10 from 10 points
JSON 9 from 10 points
Unit tests - JUnit 9 from 10 points
ORM design (JPA Eclipselink) 5 from 10 points
Swagger - RESTful API Documentation (JavaEE Backend integration) 10 from 10 points
Node.Js 3 from 10 points


2014 - present

IBM ISC s.r.o

Java EE backend Developer

I am currently working as Java EE Backend developer in IBM on project called IBM Knowledge Center. We develop modern RESTful web services, project is running on IBM Websphere Application Server. Our development team is using RationalTeamConcert source control, development is done in Eclipse IDE. I also develop Java SE console apps, which are used mostly as helpers.

June 2012- December 2013


Java Eclipse RCP Developer

We (team of two) developed multiplatform desktop JAVA RCP (Eclipse 3.x Equinox OSGi) based application for South America telecommunication operator (Embratel Brasil) - for monitoring of Extreme duration calls & alarms in his network. I was mainly responsible for UI development (SWT/RCP/JFace), ORM design with Java Persistence API & embedded Apache Derby database, creating Eclipse Help System based HTML project documentation.

January 2008- May 2013


System Tester & Integrator

I was working as System Tester & Integrator of embedded software solution (NGN Media Gateway)) for NSN. I was responsible of delta testing, release testing & system test support. I also maintained legacy telecommunication HW of SIEMENS (EWSD, DLU, PBX). I administrated our project Linux, Windows servers, and also our project IP network. I occasionaly traveled abroad to support colleagues from NSN company.